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Where is Human Compassion and Kindness? We bully a child that has been bullied?

Keaton Jones’ Video — My Spin

When I first saw the Keaton Jones video, I was in tears. It struck me right to the core. Bullying! And his heart-wrenching video showed what distress he was in.

I wanted to join in and send Keaton a message of hope. I took the time to make my little video telling Keaton he is beautiful. I know what it feels like to be bullied. I was getting bullied at home from a very cruel brother, and my parents were complicit ignoring my abuse.

When I went to school, I was bullied for having “big lips” and I was fat. I was an outcast.

I posted my little video, and sent it to Keaton. I felt so good helping. Then I got a disparaging comment from You Tuber commenting on my video “Omg wtf is this shit. 😂😂😂” and a thumbs down. I am quite unsure why this person had to try and make me feel bad for trying to help. What was the purpose?

When I heard about some comments about the child’s mother, I felt compelled to write comments on my video and share my thoughts:

I realize there has been some news surfacing about this child’s mom. Regardless of her views or thoughts, that can’t be held against a young child. This child was clearly in distress, feeling the trauma of bullying, there is no denying.

Bullying of any kind cannot be tolerated. It seems to me this child has no out. He is in a toxic environment at home and bullied at school. Kids learn what they are taught and by their surroundings.

Perhaps this episode and the online backlash this mother is receiving will have her re-evaluate her perspective and her own online bullying tactics. This could result in a positive outcome in many ways. Let’s hope. But please do not view this child’s pain differently because of alleged stories of the mother, that’s not fair.

My wonderful supporting Twitter family stood behind me and viewed the video and supported me. Thank you everyone so much!

Just tonight I got another “message” from a Twitter follower asking if I knew that the mother is exploiting her child for money and she was racist. She sent me the recent post in the Business Insider. This article is one of many posts explaining the series of events that happened.

I also saw this on Twitter:

So, I have a question:

Are we not forgetting Keaton’s story here? He said “I made the video to raise awareness for bullying, not for fame or fortune. [It’s] a serious thing that goes on in our society. People criticize other people for the way they look and act; it’s not their fault.

Can we not see that we must stop this bullying? Can we not see we must start to find compassion for one another? What I am so upset at is seeing the mean posts comparing Keaton to Quasimodo. Are you kidding me? What would make a person do that? I have no words. When I decided to get involved with social media, my husband had warned me of online bullying as he as been involved for years on social media platforms. But, this? Wow.

I stand behind Alternative @altNOAA who Tweeted saying:

Just needed to vent today. I was up a few nights ago very disturbed. I am just extremely saddened by how some people are so quick to judge and tear others down.

Bullying: Keaton Jones

If you have made it this far down my blog post, I am sharing my You Tube video for Keaton.

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  • Davina
    December 14, 2017 - 11:50 am · Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing Laura, you’re a very kind and compassionate person. Keep up the good work, because I believe that together we will end the stigma around things like bullying and mental illness. xo

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