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My First Radio Interview | Christine Bentley, What She Said

My Radio Interview at What She Said

“Were you nervous?”, my girlfriend asked me after my first radio segment. “Of course, but I have got to talk about what happened to me,” I replied. I’m pretty proud of myself. I  stood on stage in front of thousands when I was a singer for ten years, but get me behind a microphone on a radio show to talk about my childhood abuse and neglect — pretty intimidating.

But the wonderful Christine Bentley and her amazing right-hand man, Alex, put my fears to rest. The night before I was up tossing and turning with some anxiety, but I used my mindfulness to get me through.

Christine’s compassion came through loud and clear. She wanted to make sure that her listeners heard my story. As I told it, I saw Christine shake her head in disbelief. I know that it was probably shocking to hear the things I was saying, but they were the truth.

“And where were your parents?”, Christine asked. Yes, exactly, where were my parents? Child neglect is part of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. Child neglect has a lasting effect on us.

When I wrote the book My Courage to Tell, I met with psychologists and asked them what they thought would be important in my story. The answer was very clear — harmful psychological abuse. Hidden abuse is not talked about. Talking about psychological and emotional abuse  has been taking a back seat to physical and sexual abuse. Of course talking about those abuses are important but psychologists know how harmful psychological and emotional abuse are as well.

Harmful Psychological Abuse

The American Psychological Association (APA) revisited a study that was published in the Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy publication in 2014. The APA paper was titled: Unseen Wounds: The Contribution of Psychological Maltreatment to Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Risk Outcomes.

The paper states that children who experience psychological maltreatment are dealing with the same, or perhaps even worse, mental health problems than those children that had experienced physical and sexual abuse. The study also found that children who experienced psychological abuse experienced post-traumatic stress disorder just as often as children experiencing other forms of maltreatment and abuse. The paper concluded that there was a need for greater attention on psychological maltreatment.

I wanted to mention these findings on the radio show, but time ran out. I did leave feeling that my voice was heard. A voice that has been silent for decades. I finally have started to listen to my inner child, Little Laura. She’s been told to be quiet all these years and that her pain did not matter. Well, it does matter. I am no longer believing this lie.

So, now that I’ve worked through my PTSD, I’m able to talk. I am feeling brave and hope that I can give others hope who are too afraid to speak up.

Listen to the interview and hopefully you’ll want to read My Courage to Tell.

Thank you all, for your support.

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