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The Silent Treatment

Being given the silent treatment has the same chemical reaction in the brain, as if you were physically punched

My Courage to Tell is not only about sibling abuse, it is about toxic families. I was so completely heartbroken when my mother turned her back on me and gave me the silent treatment. Why? I had asked her to tell the truth about my childhood and be honest about what we spoke about. She simply refused. I was stonewalled. I begged her to listen to me. But, she gave me the silent treatment. I was so devastated, I decided to get help. Understanding toxic families has become incredibly important in my life. I understand now that in a lot of toxic families, they will protect the abuser. I am completely bewildered by this and will never understand it.

What is the silent treatment?

Emotional abuse.

Parents who give their children the ‘silent treatment’ intend, unambiguously, to punish them. By not communicating verbally, they tacitly and powerfully convey their disapproval and anger. The child is made to feel unworthy and like a pariah, not fit to associate with ‘decent’ people. Furthermore, the parent is in the position to continue to make the child feel like this indefinitely, which gives him/her (i.e. the parent) a feeling of power and control. —

It is emotionally abusive and I have refused to let “the silent treatment” have power over me. My therapist has told me that this is one of the worst types of emotional abuse.

There are days I cry. There are days I am mad. But, I remember the circumstances of what happened to me, and then I feel okay.

Not talking about issues does not resolve issues. It only makes them worse.

I do not accept this type of abuse in my life. I am a worthy person and seek healthy relationships with the people in my life.

Don’t accept the silent treatment. You deserve better.


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