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He said “Depression is a fake illness”

A Tweet About Kindness

Every day, I send out my innocent little tweets. Yes, every day I send them out to bring awareness to psychological abuse, childhood neglect and trauma. For many years, I was silent.

I was brought up being taught old beliefs and lies: “Children should be seen and not heard.” And I heard, “Good girls don’t ever get angry.”

All the abuse of me was denied by my family and I was shutting down at 9 years old until a teacher stepped in to try and help. Yes, I was shutting down because of psychological abuse and child neglect. Now, in my mid-fifties, I find out why and how important this is and I am on a quest to change things.

So, every day I send out my little innocent tweets about how kind people are. This tweet was sent:

And, out of nowhere I got a response from a 70-year old man sitting at his computer.

When my daughter claimed to be depressed I got her ding lines, and jobs. The depression soon went. It’s a fake illness

I read it and my stomach went it knots. “It’s fake illness,” he said. Oh boy. I knew this was going to snowball.

Now, as a little girl being brought up to be a good girl and be quiet (while my parents ignored the abuse that was going on in my home) I would have stayed nice and quiet. But all these years later, after being bullied, lied to and gaslit, I chose not to stay quiet.

Terry@VoiceDepression responded. Terry does weekly podcasts on depression and has a huge following:

Don Shetterly stepped in right away and responded:

Another ignorant reply came in:

mental health is an excuse to rip society off, people who claim to have it needs a job

Twitter followers stepped in and tweeted their anger to this man. His reply was that he had an NVQ education (equivalent to a high-school education). Oh Lord!! I felt compelled to respond again:

There were more outcries from my Twitter family. People spoke out against his ignorant tweets. And I thought it was great. We are allowed to speak out and speak out against this type of ignorance.

This man’s pinned tweet bragged about how large his “you-know-what” was and his tweets clearly showed a lack of respect of women. They should be subservient to him. He is old and he is ignorant

He had the equivalent of a high-school education and challenged every psychologist on the planet saying depression was fake. I decided to block him.

More and more people responded to this man’s ignorance: @livingwithabuse,@AFR365    @Tier1_Op to name just few. I was so happy to see so many say what was on their minds.

My Little Fight

There are many that are fighting the big fight—de-stigmatizing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. I am proud of them. But me, I’ll fight the little fight. And this was a little fight and I was glad I spoke out. I will make sure I call out that ignorance and let it be exposed. It was a little fight responding to this fool, but I wanted to fight it. It meant something to me.

What surprised me most though, through all this, someone told me to just stop engaging him as I was “simply entertainment”. But, you see, this was my little fight. And I was proud of people who stood up and said something. Telling me to be silent only infuriated me more. I told this person to let people have their say. They had a right to be mad!

I’m really not sure why he felt he had to step in and tell everyone to back off. He agreed to disagree with me. But, it left me feeling very angry. I’ve been silenced too long and for people to finally come out, find a voice after being silenced, I didn’t think that was fair—at all!

For some, they chose to just block him right away. And that’s their choice. I would never question that. But, for those who wanted to say something, for the love of God let them!!!

My Triggers

So, I had to step away and think about what triggered me through all the flurry of responses and emotion. I felt down and a little deflated after that person told me to be quiet. But, I don’t stay down too long. I have learned to bounce back up.

So, maybe it was my parents telling me to be quiet when I complained of being bullied. My father laughed at me one time when I was distraught about what my brother did to me.

Maybe it’s my mother’s inability to tell the truth when I asked her to talk about my childhood abuse and neglect and has not spoken to me since. Maybe it was my parents telling me I was lazy when I was a child. It could have been a lot of things.

Oh, the Irony!

I am always talking about Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). Clearly standing a child in a corner and giving her chores when complaining of being depressed at 11 years old, was childhood emotional neglect. And also mentioning his child was lazy. 

But here’s the irony. When I try educate about CEN and childhood emotional trauma—I try bringing awareness that one of the causes of depression, anxiety, low-self esteem is the non-validation and ignoring of a child’s emotional needs. How ironic? 

Watch below – it’s four minutes – but this is my video I’ve posted about Childhood Emotional Neglect:


Lots To Do

I have a lot of work to do. Many people today are still not aware of how important the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are and that their brain is still developing. Attachment is really important in the development of a child. And they still may not realize that childhood emotional neglect is part of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study.

But I will keep fighting my little fight. And I will keep hoping that the word gets out more and more. And I can only hope as we keep talking mental health, we erase the ignorance behind old beliefs – like “depression is fake illness”. 

Not all abuse is visible.

And a word to those who don’t want me to speak up… not going to happen.


Twitter: @Laura_Corbeth

Amazon: My Courage to Tell

PS to all my followers, please join me and subscribe to my You Tube Channel. I want to bring awareness to psychological abuse and childhood neglect. I will be talking about mental health issues that face us today. But I need your support.

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