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Who are these puppets?

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When I started the journey of releasing my book, My Courage to Tell, I had no idea where it would lead.

Did I want to write another book? That’s what a lot of people told me to do. But, you see, I am a graphic artist. I am a singer. So, writing another book might come later, but for now, I want to start getting people to talk about bullying and psychological abuse in a creative and visual way.

So, when I suggested to a few psychologists that a great way to get my message out might be with my puppets, I was getting really positive feedback. Some have said they would love to be interviewed. So, I am really excited about interviewing people with the puppets.

So who are the puppets?

In my book, I talk about all the puppets and how I use to play with them with my son. It was years ago, but I kept them. And now, they get to help me tell my story, bring awareness to mental health, and I think it’s done in a way that’s different.

Let me introduce them:



George is entering university. He is thinking of becoming a psychologist. Maybe even a therapist. He can’t wait to interview people about their stories. He has purple hair to bring awareness to childhood abuse and neglect. George was the main puppet when I played with Mitchell. I’m glad that George has now grown up to help others.

George stars in the video on laughter and how important it is:



Stephanie is young. Innocent. She wants to talk about bullying. Her big show was when she sent the message to Keaton Jones. Her video is climbing to 1,000 views. She really wants to bring awareness to bullying.

The video went viral. Interesting that as soon as I published the video, someone started to bully me. And even worse, Keaton was sent “hate” messages and was being compared to Quasimodo. Disgusting.

I have written a blog post about it.


Grandpa will be starting to help too. He did a recent video on how important it is to read books. But we will also be talking about social media and how it is effecting our society today among other things.


Kermit has some “issues”. Kermit is telling everyone he is the “real” kermit the frog. He is always lying and twisting the truth. Kermit has a few videos right now—one on “Gaslighting” and two, “A Smear Campaign”. Kermit is very charismatic. He’s quite a handsome little guy. But, we need to keep an eye on him.


Oh dear. Ali has some problems. First, Ali gives me the “silent treatment” which is one of the worst types of emotional abuse. And then, Ali laughs at Korky one of Ali’s children when Korky has been bullied. I talk to Ali about Childhood Emotional Neglect.

We have lots of of videos coming up with Ali.


I love reading inspiring poetry and quotations. I hope to inspire others with uplifting videos!

And there are more puppets coming. “Moe” the Monkey and “Puppy” the dog will be making appearances too!

And also, the interviews!

There will be interviews with various REAL people. Keep looking. They are coming!

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